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What animal hair is Mohair? What's the difference between mohair and cashmere, alpaca hair?

Newstime: 2019-12-30 18:43:38

What is mohair?

Angora goat hair, also known as Angora goat wool, is typical of long-gloss long wool, belonging to special animal hair. The word "Mahai" comes from the Arabic word meaning "silk-like goat wool fabric", which later became the special name for Angolan goat wool.

Because Angora goats are not yet fully captive, they can only grow in hilly shrubs, and only wool produced before the age of 8 can meet the textile standards. Therefore, mohair is still a high-end textile raw material, and the world's annual output is only 26,000 Tons or so. At present, the main producing countries of mohair in the world are: Australia, South Africa, the United States, Turkey, Argentina, Lesotho and so on.

Characteristics of mohair

Mohair's appearance is similar to sheep's hair. Mohair's length is 120-150mm, and its diameter is 10-90μm (in addition, the fineness is about 25 microns and the length is about 100-200 mm). The scales are flat and close to the hair shaft and rarely overlap, so the fiber surface is smooth.

Mohair has a natural shiny color and silky luster, it is not easy to shrink, and it is difficult to shrink. High strength, good resilience and abrasion resistance, dust and dirt resistance, not easy to pilling, easy to clean and wash.

Mohair's cortex is almost composed of orthocortical cells, so the fibers rarely bend, and it is more sensitive to the effects of some chemical agents than ordinary wool, and has better dyeability. Mohair has a good affinity for dyes, and the finished product is colorful.

Mohair is a kind of high-grade woolen raw material, which is mainly used for some high-gloss woolen fabrics such as plush, downy coats, jacquard blankets and knitted wool. The fabrics are fluffy, noble, lively but can be rough, and the style is changeable. Most of the ready-to-wear are blended.

The difference between mohair, cashmere, and alpaca

Mohair, cashmere, and alpaca are animal hairs like ordinary wool, that is, they are all natural protein fibers. However, due to the small number of animals that produce these fibers, the prices of these special animal fibers are relatively high, especially cashmere, which is known as "soft gold" and "fiber diamond", is more expensive.

Different from wool, the thickness of the scales on the surface of special animal fibers is thinner than that of ordinary wool, and the density of the scales covering the hair shaft is smaller than that of wool, which results in a different feel of special animal fibers and wool: special animal fibers feel smooth, while wool is relatively Feels rough.


Structure of mohair fiber

Mohair refers to Angora wool, which is mainly produced in South Africa. It is characterized by thick fibers, small curls and good gloss. Mohair fabric feels smooth and smooth. Mohair and alpaca fabrics are mostly short and smooth.


Structure diagram of cashmere fiber

Cashmere is the bottom fine hair from goats, which grow on alpine grasslands. China is the world's largest cashmere producing country, and its cashmere production accounts for more than 1/2 of the world's total output, of which Inner Mongolia cashmere is the top grade.

The characteristics of cashmere fiber are slim and soft. Its fabric feels soft, smooth and waxy, and has a soft luster. Compared with wool fabrics of the same thickness, it is much lighter and more suede. Generally speaking, light-colored cashmere coats are mostly derived from white cashmere, and the quality is better; most of the dark-colored cashmere coats are obtained from purple or green cashmere, with a lower quality.

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