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Advent of high-tech fabrics that can change color, use a mobile phone to control the color, and one

Newstime: 2019-12-30 17:33:48

The clothes worn on the body and the backpack on the shoulder will feel a bit monotonous over time. No wonder some girls always buy one in different colors when buying and buying. Today's color, tomorrow's color, change this on a sunny day. Seeds, change that on a cloudy day, anyway, you can't repeat the sample seven days a week.

Recently, the University of Florida has developed a fabric that can change color, ChroMorphous. It can be used to make seven backpacks and clothes. And unlike the previous light-sensitive and heat-sensitive color-changing materials, which need to "see the sky to eat" to change colors, it can change the color or pattern of the fabric through a smartphone.

The weaving thread of the cloth is made of synthetic polymer, and each thread weaved into the fabric contains a thin section of metal micro-guide wire and a color-changing material. The color-changing material can change according to the change of temperature, and the micro-wire is responsible for Change the temperature. The APP on the mobile phone can control the change of current. When the current passes through the micro-guide wire, the temperature of the cloth can be slightly increased. In this way, you can change the color and pattern anytime, anywhere without pressing the external temperature change, as long as you press the button on the mobile phone.

Moreover, such a temperature change is almost invisible to the human body, and the microwire does not contact the human skin, so there is no need to worry about burns. At the same time, the texture of the fabric is similar to that of denim, and it can be ironed and washed like traditional fabrics. It is just because the current technology is limited and the fabric made is still a little thick, so the vest vest can not be made, and it can only be used with bags and scarves.

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