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What are the key indicators of down jackets? The difference between goose down and duck down? The di

Newstime: 2019-12-30 18:19:07

1. Content of velvet:

The down content is the amount of "down" in down. Generally speaking, the higher the down content, the lighter the weight, and the better the heat retention. In general, we can see on the washed labels of down jackets sold in stores: 60% or 80% of down content.

2. Filling amount:

The amount of down is not an indicator of the quality of down, but it determines the value of this down jacket, because it represents the weight of the down. Under the same down content, the higher the amount of down, the more static air it can hold, and the warmth The stronger it is.

3. The fluffiness is an important indicator of the degree of warmth of down. The standard stipulates that the space occupied by one ounce (approximately 28.34 grams) of down is 600 cubic inches. . Under the given down weight, the larger the space occupied, the better the fluffiness and the higher the warmth.

"that's it"

Is the difference between goose down and duck down?

Velvet is bigger:

An important indicator for measuring down quality is fluffiness. Compared with goose down, goose down has long silk, large fleece, higher fluffiness, and high comfort. Therefore, the quality is better and the price is relatively expensive. The authoritative test data of China Down Industry Association shows that goose down is generally larger than duck down, and the fluffiness is 50% higher than that of duck down, so it has better thermal insulation performance.

Velvet plump:

Generally, the growth period of a goose is at least 100 days, and the duck is 40 days. Therefore, the goose down is fuller than the duck down. The smaller the number of piles of 1 gram pile, the larger the single pile, the higher the maturity of the pile, otherwise the less mature, the shorter the growth time.

Excellent fluffy:

Small feather knots are evenly distributed on the feather branches of the goose down, and the diamond knots on the duck feathers are larger and concentrated at the ends of the small feather branches. Therefore, the goose down can produce a larger space, better fluffy, and better warmth .

No smell:

Goose is herbivorous and duck is omnivorous, so the odor of goose down is much smaller.

do you know?

Is gray goose down different from white goose down?

Gray duck down and white duck down are actually the same. The only difference between them is the color. Generally, when people buy down products, they always feel that gray duck down feels worse, but it is not.

In general, the quality of down is not in the color, but in the density of the inner structure of the down and the fineness of the down fiber. From this point of view, gray duck down and white duck down are not much different. Generally, the down jackets we see in stores are mostly filled with gray duck down, and light-colored fabrics are mostly filled with white duck down. This is only for color matching, and the same amount of down and filling Under the premise, there is not much difference between the two fluffy and comfortable.

You know what?

What other down knowledge do you have?

Considering that women's demand for warmth preservation is higher than that of men's customers in winter, some women's down jackets will have higher filling capacity than men's down jackets.

Down knowledge:

There are three levels of down for down jackets.

90 cashmere is the best, on the neck of the duck.

80 cashmere is also very good. On the chest, there is 70 cashmere on the wings.

What is the concept?

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