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Do you want to turn the clothes back?

Newstime: 2019-12-30 17:56:11

Why do some people's clothes fade when they wear them, and their clothes are not soft? Don't blame the quality of the clothes, but the clothes are also learned.


Many times, it is customary to bask in the sun after washing clothes, but the sun will make the clothes stick to dust and bacteria. The underwear and underpants are intimate clothes. Friends with sensitive skin should pay more attention. Go straight to the sun.

In addition, the popular science method of hanging underwear: it is best to hold it upside down or hang it from the middle. This is the correct method. Underwear can dry faster and it is not easy to deform!


Outerwear-reverse sun

Where there is sun exposure, of course, there is sun exposure! Remember to dry your coats in the opposite direction. For bright and dark clothes, even the other way round. Especially in summer, the sun is very big, and the fading of clothes will be particularly serious after the sun exposure.

Sweater - Flat sun

Sweaters can't be dried directly. After the sweaters are dehydrated, because the knitting thread of sweaters is not tight, in order to prevent the sweaters from deforming, they can be put into a net bag after washing and laid flat in a ventilated place to dry. If you are wearing a fine sweater, because the fine sweater is more closely knit than the coarse sweater, it can be dried directly on the hanger, but before drying, it is better to roll a layer of towel or bath towel on the hanger to prevent deformation.

It can also be hung with two hangers when drying to prevent deformation due to overhanging. I want to keep the sweater hanging after drying, so you can use this hanging style to prevent deformation. Fold the washed clothes in half, and place the hanger under the sleeve armpit. After passing the sleeve part through the hanger, pass the lower half of the sweater through to dry. In this way, the sweater is not afraid of rotator cuff deformation and is not easy to have creases.

Silk - sun in shade

After washing, silk clothes should be naturally dried in a cool and ventilated place. Because silk clothes have poor sunlight resistance, they can't be directly exposed to the sun, or they will cause fabric fading and strength reduction. At the same time, silk clothes are more delicate, so you should master the right methods when washing. Because alkali will damage the silk fiber, neutral detergent is preferred, and it is not suitable to stir or twist forcefully when washing. It should be gently rubbed.


Wool material - natural air drying

Wool cloth should be protected from direct sunlight. Because the outer surface of wool fiber is a scale layer, the outer natural oil amine film gives the wool fiber a soft luster. If it is exposed to the sun, the surface of the oil amine film will change due to the oxidation effect of high temperature, which will seriously affect the appearance and service life. And woolen clothes in direct sunlight, especially white woolen fabrics, the color is easy to yellow, so wash it in a cool and ventilated place, let it dry naturally.

Chemical fiber clothing - not exposed to the sun

Chemical fiber clothes should not be exposed to the sun after washing. For example, acrylic fiber is easy to change color and turn yellow when exposed to the sun, while nylon, polypropylene and man-made fiber are also easy to age when exposed to the sun; polyester and vinylon will speed up the photochemical cracking of fiber and affect the service life of cloth when exposed to the sun. Therefore, chemical fiber clothes should be dried in the shade. You can hang it directly on the hanger and let it dry naturally without wrinkling and clean.

Cotton and linen cloth-according to the situation

For several special situations of cotton and linen clothing, the drying method will be more special.

1. Wear hand-painted clothes-such clothes should never be exposed to the sun under the sun, it is best to dry in a cool environment. When washing, hand-painted parts should also be gently scrubbed;

2. Tie-dye clothes-this kind of clothes is the same as hand-painted clothes.

3, satin cloth clothes-clothes of this kind of cloth have very natural wrinkles, when hanging, if you use the hanging method, it is easy to stretch the natural wrinkles of the clothes, the clothes will become larger and larger, It's really tangled, so clothes like this should be tiled. If possible, you can find a net bag, put the clothes in the net bag, and then dry it.

Cotton and linen clothing can usually be directly exposed in the sun, because these fibers have little or no decrease in strength in daylight, but will not deform. However, in order to prevent discoloration, it is best to reverse the sun.

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